Just CHIA it!

Just CHIA it!

*1 cup water
*2 Tablespoons Chia
*1/2 lemon
*A few berries of your choice

Chia Seeds can be added to a diverse amounts of dishes. These little seeds are warehouses when it comes to nutrients and fiber. An added benefit is the little magic these seeds have to turn liquids into gel and absorb almost 8 times their size in water. Claim you don’t have time to eat healthy snacks? Look no further than your everyday water. Simply add 2 Tablespoons chia to your favorite drink, smoothie or even oats in the morning and voila you have a SUPERFOOD! Also the seeds are great metabolism boosters and who doesn’t want that? Lemons also are antibacterial, immune-boosting and a great digestive aid!
Get your CHIA on!


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