I Am Guilty, But Not Giving Up

Such an amazing post with a great life lesson learned through running!

Keep It Real

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Just recently, I went on an outdoor jog with my boyfriend. I use the word jog, not because I was jogging, but because it is a happy medium between sprinting (what I was not doing) and snail speed (which is much more accurate). In other words, my pace wasn’t even worthy to be called jogging. Now it was extremely windy, cold and the incline burned my calves every step. Still at snail pace I found myself becoming more and more frustrated with the weather and how I was anything but in shape. Every gust of wind pressed against my chest, almost making it feel as if I was not gaining any forward progress at all, but rather that I was running in place. We came to the bottom of a trail head. As my boyfriend trekked ahead, I continued to slow down, until I soon came to a complete stop.

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