Beets BL

This week I began my training for the Boston Marathon on April 2015. Ideally it would be ‘sunny and 75’ but I live in Michigan so it is snowy and 25 instead. Training in the winter can be hard because of the running in snow, winds but also trying to maintain a steady pace is tricky outdoors. To combat this problem, I tried out BeetsBLU ( heart rate monitor.

Here is what I thought:

Set Up: The directions and set up took about 5 minutes and it works right through your phone or iPod

Usage: The first time I was setting it up, I had to put a little water under the electrodes but since then, it has worked perfectly with me just putting it on.

Appearance: This is what I was most surprised about is the sleek appearance of it. It is not noticeable under a shirt, unlike the bulky heart rate monitors I have had in the past.

Entering information: The best part about the BeetsBLU heart rate monitor is that it entered all my information into apps like myfitnesspal which is a huge time saver.

Rating: I would give this product a 5/5 and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reliable and high quality heart rate monitor. beets-blu-wireless-heart-rate-monitor-for-iphone-5-and-iphone-4s-with-bluetooth-smart-40_10203_500



2 thoughts on “Beets BL

  1. Hey girl! It’s Hannah from work! Your blog and recipes are super awsome! I had no idea! Good luck with all your endeavors (even though you don’t need it), and I’m stoked to bring some new foods in my life! Thank you!

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