Boston Marathon: Becky Vander Sluis

Such an honor to have this awesome writer of this article in Costa Rica and to be able to have this article written about my Boston experience!

EC Reporter

This year’s Boston Marathon took place on April 20.

Long before that rainy morning, Becky Vander Sluis was preparing to run the Boston Marathon. Following a weekly training schedule and being attentive to the need for proper nutrition, Vander Sluis trained for a year while attending Central Michigan University full time and working two jobs.

Vander Sluis was a three sport athlete in high school, and she was on her way to having an athletic scholarship to college when she broke her foot and was unable to compete in sports. It was at this point that she decided to run the Boston Marathon one day, knowing that it would not be mentally or physically easy to qualify for the world’s most prestigious marathon. A resident of Michigan, Vander Sluis ran the Grand Rapids Marathon in order to qualify for Boston, and last week she traveled to the city to make…

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